Kate Renninson, Owner

Kate took over Molly Moocow in April 2016 and has taught with Molly Moocow since 2006. She was first introduced to Molly when she brought her son along to classes as a baby, he's now 15! Kate also has two teenage daughters, a husband and 2 dogs – she’s a busy girl with a ton of energy. Just as well as she teaches Molly Moocow classes from as far as Midhurst to Dorking, with plenty more in between! Kate loves teaching and is passionate about keeping Molly classes fun, friendly and educational for all those that attend.


Robyn Duffell-Canham, teacher

Robyn studied Montessori Methodology and a Bachelor of Arts degree at internationally accredited tertiary facilities in sunny Cape Town, South Africa in the early 2000s. She ran Montessori Early Years’ classrooms in various Cape Town preschools for many years. Robyn has worked with several different children of all ages with wide ranging specialised educational needs and has a passion for early years’ education. She has volunteered in local communities at mother and toddler groups and in local schools, especially supporting language and reading. Robyn is a dedicated mum to nine-year-old boy/girl twins and has been happily married for many years. Robyn comes to Molly Moocow, full of enthusiasm and excitement.