Each half term is planned around a theme and carefully tailored to meet the needs and developmental learning of each age group. Classes are fun and educational with children using all their senses. Molly’s is not just a singing class; movement, rhythm, motor skills and language all play a part, as well as developing a lifelong love of music.

My eldest daughter is very musical and plays several instruments and I believe that her early experiences in Molly Moocow sessions have played a significant part in her love of music. My youngest daughter is quite shy but her confidence has really blossomed at Molly’s and it’s lovely to now see her joining in and jumping and dancing.

I believe Molly Moocow is a must for every little person, it’s amazing and I cannot recommend it highly enough!
— Amanda H.
My daughter Eve and I have been coming to Molly Moocow moosic sessions since she was a baby and it has been a delight to watch her confidence and enjoyment grow during her time with ‘Molly’.

Each class is perfectly tailored to the stage of development of the children involved and are, most importantly, vast amounts of fun. Both Eve and myself get a huge amount from the classes, they are the highlight of our week. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Helen A.
Molly Moocow is a fantastic class which my son and I really enjoy doing together. He loves the music, movement and endless bags of props and surprises. And I just love seeing him so enthusiastic and happy.

We’ve been going for over 2 years and it continues to stay fresh, fun and thoroughly engaging - highly recommend to all.
— Michelle J.
We’ve been doing Molly Moocow for a couple of years now; during that time, we’ve tried many other activities, but this is the only one we’ve stuck with!

Both my children have absolutely loved it, and despite their short attention spans, they remain not only engaged but thoroughly captivated during each and every session. We love it, and would (and do) without hesitation, recommend it to anyone and everyone!
— Eleanor P.
Connor and Josh have had 6 years of Molly Moocow between them. They love the imaginative and creative themes which are full of fun. They have thrived in the supportive and interactive environment that Molly Moocow provides.
— Jane C.